Our Process

The Opportunity

In 2010, Kahunah Properties (KP) entered South Florida’s distressed real estate market in search of opportunities. While others invested in glitzy and well-known South Beach, Florida, KP realized a pearl in the rough bit further north on the beach. The company saw an opportunity to acquire underperforming assets, revive and refresh these properties to outperform the market with an eye on redevelopment. Our focus on investing in fundamentally sound, but undervalued properties is working. We have successfully turned once poorly managed or financially distressed multifamily properties into sound investments. Our approach is simple: we know and are experts in the area and have strong local relationships allowing us to focus on leading the way in Real estate in the North Beach corridor and surrounding areas.


Due Diligence & Selection

KP is an authority when it comes to property on North Beach. Our teams manage dozens of properties.. The volume of real estate projects that KP evaluates makes it essential to have streamlined pre-acquisition criteria, market and financial feasibility analysis. Initial screenings are performed with the goal of identifying and eliminating from consideration opportunities that do not meet certain minimum requirements.
KP aggregated a data base and built streamlined criteria that make up the minimum characteristics of a prospective property to warrant further review and to filter prospective opportunities. Properties successfully passing through this phase enter an extensive pre-acquisition review, the goal of which is not only to assess acquisition value, but also to facilitate ownership and management activities with a thorough understanding of the asset.